Shione profile
Shione (汐音, Shione) is the older sister of Yune.


Shione shares a similar hairstyle as Yune, with her straight black hair with a row of fringes neatly arranged on her forehead; Shione possesses a longer hair among the siblings, reaching past her shoulders, she has light blue eyes that are very rare to Japanese natives.


Compared to Yune who is always cheerful and curious, Shione is more delicate and timid. Not much is known about her life in Japan, but she is shown to be dedicated to taking care of Yune as her older sister, especially with Yune's weak constitution at a young age.


Life in NagasakiEdit

Shione's family is presumed to live in Nagasaki, then one of the busiest towns due to constant trade with other countries (especially France and other European countries). During Yune's younger years, she has taken the responsibility of caring for Yune as her older sister, often teaching her parts of Japanese culture, especially the song "Tooku, Kimi e", among other things.

Deterioration of HealthEdit

Years soon followed, and Yune's condition remained poor. Meanwhile, Shione's pale blue eyes have caused her to be looked at with prejudice. Yune, in order to mend her sister's broken heart, prays for Shione to see only her younger sister.

As time went by, Yune's health drastically improved, while Shione's vision worsened. Eventually, Shione became blind, and Yune blamed herself for her sister's blindness, which she thought was the cause of the prayer she offered when she was still weak. This would become Yune's burden that we still carries to this day.