Claude Claudel (クロード, Kurōdo) is Oscar's grandson, and is the current owner of the store Enseignes du Roy. He takes care of Yune upon her arrival from Japan, and he eventually develops a certain bond with her as her guardian in her stay in Paris.


Claude is a young boy who is 16-17 years old with blond hair and light blue eyes. His hair reaches up to his nape and has a few fringes hanging by his forehead. He usually wears a loose white shirt and trousers.

His sharp gaze gives off an unwelcoming feel to strangers who interact with him, and his personality just adds to this. However, if it is a potential costumer, he will act much more warmly around them.


Rarely smiling and always devoted to his work, Claude can be described as a "workaholic" who at a young age is an owner of a business. He is often rude when giving out comments to people and is easily irritated, although he has a mild temper and does not raise his voice.

In spite of his negative attitude, he is a principled person and a professional in his work, allowing himself to keep his family's business alive in spite of various problems he face. Yune's presence also allows Claude to show a protective side to her. Initially, Claude is often cautious of Yune's actions, but he eventually reconsiders his treatment towards Yune and he gradually becomes warmer to her, albeit reluctantly. He was shown to have feelings for Camille when they were childhood friends but now it does not seem to be the case anymore.


Camille and Claude(young)

Claude and Camille as children

Claude belongs to the third generation of the Claudel family, who has worked with the Enseignes du Roy shop as blacksmiths for more than fifty years. Because the intricacy of the Claudel family's works, they have become famous in the Galerie du Roy, even designing the gates which decorate the entrance of the galerie.

With the death of his father Jean and the retirement of his grandfather from the trade, Claude assumes the position of the owner of the metalworks shop. Before all of this he and Camille were childhood friends and Camille still loves him. However, due to their status in society, they were not allowed to be together.