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Camille Blanche (カミーユ•ブランシュ, Kamīyu Buranshu) is Alice's older sister and a member of the bourgeoisie.


Camille is a beautiful Parisienne with long blond hair and eyes with a light blue iris. Her wavy hair is styled such that she bears fringes that cover her forehead, while some locks of her hair are tied back.

She often wears a light blue dress that accentuates the curves of her body, which are developed over time by wearing a corset inside her dress, and has a crinoline worn over her skirt. Regardless, she wears elegant long dresses of her period.


Compared to her sister Alice, Camille acts more lady-like, possessing a gentle manner of speaking, and is rarely seen without a smile on her face. She is also usually seen holding a fan to cover her mouth while speaking. She was shown to love Claude very much when they were children, even going as far as saying they should get married. This is still considered to be the case. Even though she is able to suppress her emotions very well, she is shown to be jealous of Yune. This is probably due to her wanting to be in the same position Yune is in (since she technically is in love with him).

Although most people see Camille as a perfect woman, she admits that her life is far from the flawless one connotated by her appearance. She herself admits that she is a victim of society, forced to follow a strict set of rules and not enjoying life the way her younger sister Alice manages to do at her age. To repay for the good times she had with Alice, she acts as a constant source of support for Alice and her hobbies.


The Japonaise Enters the Blanche HouseholdEdit

Camille and Alice

Camille and Alice talk about the rumored Japanese girl in a cup of tea.

Camille hears from her sister Alice that there are rumors of a Japanese girl in Paris. She later joins Alice when Yune chose to visit the Blanche residence as Alice's companion. Although not as eager to see a Japonaise as her younger sister, Camille watches over as Alice tries to win Yune over, to no avail; to add, Camille even witnessed Yune's stubborn personality on one occasion.

Camille's SecretsEdit

Camille and Claude(young)

Camille as a young girl.

On Yune's second visit (Yune's visit on Episode 4.5 is excluded), Camille exposes a side of her which people rarely see: one of an insightful person who points out one's mistakes and allows them to learn from it. Albeit she is stricter than Alice or even Claude, she receives thanks for her lesson in French culture.

It is soon revealed that she has a complicated past with Claude, who turns out to be her childhood friend and fell in love with him. However, since their levels in society were different, they were forced to be separated. Claude's negative outlook on the Blanche family might have been an effect of such a past.


Camille was soon assigned an amant to marry to by her parents, who wish to retain the family's wealthy standing through arranged marriages. She chose not to talk to Claude about this, and proceeded with her parents' plans.