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Alice Blanche (アリス•ブランシュ, Arisu Buranshu) is a young girl whose noble family owns the Galerie du Roy. She is very interested in all things Japanese, and becomes interested to become friends with Yune. She also has an older sister, Camille, and a brother.


Alice is a Parisian girl with wavy blond hair and blue eyes. She is dressed in fine dresses and this gives off an air of class deserving of someone from the bourgeoisie. However, her obsession for the Japanese culture have always made her consider adding a few pieces of Japanese kimonos to her wardrobe.


Compared to her older sister Camille, Alice is bubbly and cheerful to people whom she enjoys mingling with (i.e. Yune). She can be overly clingy to her and has tried to take Yune to her house to sate her curiosity of the Japanese culture and lifestyle, and this has caused her to be at odds with Claude, who has been uncomfortable with the wealthy due to the problems of the Enseignes du Roy.

Unlike most wealthy people who are uncomfortable when — if not completely avoiding — interacting with people who belong in a lower social bracket, Alice displays a certain degree of friendliness towards them.


Alice hears of a rumor of a Japanese girl living in Galerie du Roy, and decides to invite that girl to her home. She has her invitation turned down by the girl, named Yune, and Alice decides to visit the store herself. As if love at first sight, Alice becomes attached to Yune, and she pushes through her plans of taking her to the Blanche Residence.

Although Yune still considers staying in Enseignes du Roy over a lavish house, Alice considers her wish and allows her to come back to Claude and Oscar. However, Alice's visits on Enseignes become more frequent.